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Over the years I have learned that I can help you write by being who you really are; not looking for easy resources that allow you to explain better, but asking yourself the necessary questions that allow you to create as accurately as possible. I have seen students from all over the world marvel themselves at what they already know and use what they were not using because they believed that literature was something to incorporate, not an intuition to explore and polish. Our programs work exactly with the opposite conviction: I am sure there are many things that have brought you to the moment you’re reading this. And that these things are the most important and necessary to work.

And I am also sure that, by following one of our programs, you will learn how to do it. It is not a commercial statement but a deep conviction that I have reached after many years of work.

All literary programs are the result of an investigation that does not stop. Not only to accompany you on this path towards writing, but also towards self-knowledge and the best understanding and construction of the world we inhabit.


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